Getting a tattoo is a painful process, but laser tattoo removal is another challenge. Pain from laser tattoo removal is highly subjective, from some patients feeling extreme pain to others who find it bearable and slightly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, pain associated with the laser
tattoo removal process is a problem that needs to be addressed since the global tattoo removal market is projected to reach $4794 million by 2023. In the US alone, more than 50,000 laser tattoo removal procedures were performed in 2016, and the number continues
to rise.

Woman getting laser tattoo removal on the back of her neck.

Pain Management for Laser Tattoo Removal

Dermatologists and laser technicians can undertake a handful of interventions to make the process comfortable for patients, including ice packs, numbing cream applications, and cold air machines. However, topical numbing creams remain the most common and comparatively safer option for most patients.

BLT Cream for Tattoos

Skin numbing creams, such as BLT cream, contain a combination of different local anesthetics that work together to numb your patient’s skin prior to the procedure. The non-prescription BLT numbing cream from Centura Pharmaceuticals is an FDA-registered, over-the-counter version of BLT cream, constituting benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine, at maximum allowable levels without a prescription. However, there are certain skin numbing practices that need to be considered to ensure that the laser tattoo removal process is safely performed:

  • Over-the-counter BLT cream is only suggested for use on smaller areas
  • BLT cream takes up to 40 minutes to numb the skin after the application. Thus, it is essential to schedule your patient’s appointment accordingly and allow the cream to numb their skin effectively before starting the procedure.
  • BLT cream is not recommended to be used on open, irritated, or bruised skin.
  • Dermatologists often use clear hydrogel dressings and plastic films prior to the laser tattoo removal procedure as they serve as heat-sinks to protect the patient’s epidermis. However, care must be taken not to use any plastic film after the BLT cream application as it can lead to excessive absorption of the product leading to untoward side effects.

Wrap Up

Laser tattoo removal is a painful process that requires multiple treatment sessions to remove the tattoo. To manage pain and discomfort associated with the procedure, you need to numb
your patient’s skin with the strongest numbing cream for tattoo removal. Centura Pharmaceuticals BLT cream for tattoos uses three potent anesthetics in the safest, maximum allowable strengths.

The numbing creams come in the following strengths in individual hygienic sachets:

  • BLT1 contains maximum strength Benzocaine 20% in a 5gm sachet
  • BLT2 contains maximum strength Lidocaine 4% in 5gm sachet
  • BLT 3 contains maximum strength Tetracaine 2% in 5gm sachet