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The Estheticians choice in a topical numbing cream is vital when it comes to a good patient experience. Also known as a facial specialist, estheticians are skincare specialists who examine the condition of your skin and perform treatments for it. This can include hair removal, makeup application, massages, and treating the face as a whole.

There are a number of topical numbing creams estheticians can use for treatment, but is it the best one for your face or your clients? A good numbing cream for the face should be comfortable when it is applied to the skin. Centura Pharma BLT creams provide that comfort. It has a slightly thicker texture and can sit on the face longer. Our BLT numbing cream helps estheticians provide the highest level of care for their patients. It is fast-acting, easy to apply and remove, and is safe and effective.

Our numbing cream consists of benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine, in the highest doses available without a prescription. These ingredients penetrate the skin, and numb the treatment area. Centura Pharma BLT cream includes safe and effective ingredients in a precise formulation. Our cream is the best, most convenient, and cost-effective non-prescription over-the-counter option.

We package our cream in 3 single-use sachets which allow for easy dosing and maximum potency. Once utilized, the sachets are discarded and not reused. Order your BLT cream today.

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Centura Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with leading, highly qualified pharmacists has embarked on the development of high quality professional products with effective outcomes.

BLT 1 2 3, is manufactured in accordance with FDA regulations by an FDA registered manufacturer.
  • BLT1 - Contains Maximum Strength Benzocaine 20%
  • BLT2 - Contains Maximum Strength Lidocaine 4%
  • BLT3 - Contains Maximum Strength Tetracaine 2%
  • Hygienic Individual Pouches - Each 5 ML
  • Cost Effective
  • Made in the USA

BLT 1 2 3 It has been used by many consumers and professionals such as dermatologist's, Estheticians, Spa Centers and other professionals for many applications including cosmetic procedures, injections, lip augmentation, micro-needling, laser hair reduction and other situations where topical anesthetic effect is desired.

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