Are you looking for the best face numbing cream for microneedling? Try the non-prescription, over-the-counter variety of BLT numbing cream!

Woman in microneedling procedureMicroneedling is one of the simplest and most cost effective procedures used in esthetic dermatology. It is a minimally invasive procedure which was primarily developed for facial skin rejuvenation. Today, microneedling is used to treat a host of different skin and hair problems, including acne scar treatment, burn scar treatment, stretch mark removal, alopecia, hyperhidrosis, etc. It is also being used in conjunction with other skin treatments, and itself as a drug delivery system, such as the delivery of radiofrequency energy.

The overall process is relatively simple, but since it creates micro punctures into the skin, microneedling can cause slight pain and discomfort. When used with the right topical anesthetic, you can make the entire procedure comfortable and pain-free for your clients.

That’s where BLT numbing cream comes in.

Best Face Numbing Cream for Microneedling

A non-prescription BLT topical anesthetic cream is one of the best face numbing creams you can use on your patients. They offer an effective option for numbing skin and are formulated with the maximum allowable concentration of each ingredient. Centura Pharmaceuticals BLT Cream is an FDA-registered, over-the-counter BLT numbing cream product that contains the following topical anesthetics in single-use, hygienic packs:

Benzocaine: 20%
Lidocaine: 4%
Tetracaine: 2%

How to Use BLT Topical Anesthetic for Microneedling

Here is how you can use BLT numbing cream for microneedling on your client’s skin:

  • Ensure that everything from working surface to mixing bowl and brushing tools are free from contamination.
  • The Centura Pharmaceuticals BLT Numbing Cream is available in single use, 5g sachets. Pour the cream content of each pack into a mixing bowl and mix them thoroughly to assure uniform distribution.
  • Prepare your client’s skin by gently cleansing it for better product penetration.
  • Massage the cream on to the areas to be treated and then layer the treatment area with a thin film of cream. Leave on for 20 minutes for maximum numbing effect.
  • Remove the cream properly before beginning microneedling.

Since numbing creams can take up to 20 minutes to numb skin, ensure that you leave the BLT topical anesthetic on the area to be treated before beginning the procedure. Once the product has numbed the treatment area, remove the BLT numbing cream. Ideally, clean the area of treatment with an antiseptic solution before starting the procedure.

When used correctly, BLT numbing cream can be very effective in reducing any pain. However, the microneedling procedure itself may cause redness, irritation, and pinpoint bleeding from microtears, and mild edema, all of which typically subside within a few hours to days.

Wrap Up

Topical anesthetics, such as BLT numbing cream do wonders in minimizing pain associated with dermatological and esthetic procedures. Over the last few years, microneedling has become an immensely popular skin rejuvenation procedure. It’s also being used for treating acne scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in people of color.

Opting for the best face numbing cream for microneedling can make the procedure comfortable with minimal pain. The non-prescription BLT numbing cream at Centura Pharmaceuticals offers an effective, inexpensive, and hygienic solution for achieving local anesthesia prior to the procedure.

Health Disclaimer
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