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We now offer separate lidocaine packets

Centura Pharmaceuticals

Serving Professionals & Patients

Centura Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with leading, highly qualified pharmacists has embarked on the development of high quality professional products with effective outcomes.

BLT 1 2 3 is manufactured in a FDA registered facility.
  • BLT1 – Contains Maximum Strength Benzocaine 20%
  • BLT2 – Contains Maximum Strength Lidocaine 4%
  • BLT3 – Contains Maximum Strength Tetracaine 2%
  • Hygienic Individual Pouches – Each 5 ML
  • Cost Effective
  • Made in the USA

BLT 1 2 3 It has been used by many consumers and professionals such as dermatologist’s, Estheticians, Spa Centers and other professionals for many applications including cosmetic procedures, injections, lip augmentation, micro-needling, laser hair reduction and other situations where topical anesthetic effect is desired.


  • Is it a cream or an ointment?

    It is in-between a cream and an ointment. It is easier in everyday terms to just say "BLT cream' but our preparation is slightly thicker and so we label it as an ointment. Perhaps it is best to call it 'creoint'. The slightly thicker texture allows it to 'sit' on the skin longer rather than a cream which if applied on the face would start dripping due to gravity.

  • What is the size of each sachet?

    Each sachet is 5gm in size.

  • How much do I get in the 15 pack BLT?

    Per the picture, there are 5 sachets of each; BLT1 (benzocaine) 5 sachets, BLT2 (Lidocaine) 5 sachets, BLT3 (tetracaine) 5 sachets. Each sachet is 5gm in size and so the total amount of product is 15 sachets X 5gm = 75gm.

  • Is this the strongest product you offer?

    Yes, this is the strongest we offer in accordance with guidelines for non-prescription product.

  • Can I use some of the product from the sachet and keep the rest for next time?

    Each sachet is designed for one-time use, and we cannot recommend it to be used again once a packet is opened since we do not have any data to show whether it affects its strength and potency.

  • Can you tell me how to use the numbing cream for specific uses?

    Unfortunately, because of labeling guidelines, we cannot give advice on specific uses. However, you can watch the videos on our website and read some of the comments on how others are using it. In all cases, make sure you carefully read all the precautions on the sachet and always make sure that you DO NOT use over large areas or on broken skin.

  • Is the BLT you offer the same strength as the prescription version?

    The BLT we offer is considered non-prescription and the strength of the ingredients are the maximum allowed without prescription. The prescription BLT is slightly stronger, which requires a doctor's prescription, needs to be compounded at a compounding pharmacy and has a short shelf life.

  • The BLT cream is not working

    Pain tolerance can vary from person to person. Hopefully, you followed the correct usage instructions by watching the BLT video on our website. It would be useful to use one whole packet of each BLT1, BLT2 and BLT3 and use all of it rather than using just a quarter or half a packet; this will give the best effect. After mixing thoroughly, most users then take small amounts and MASSAGE the preparation on the area to be treated, and then after massaging they use a larger amount and PASTE the preparation on, like a face mask, and then leave it on for a minimum of 20 minutes but ideally 30 minutes. Also remember, pain is very subjective, meaning pain to one person is no pain to another.

  • Do you offer expedited shipping?

    Standard first-class USPS shipping is free and may take between 5-7 business days for delivery. Expedited Priority Mail USPS shipping which may take 2-4 business days is available as an extra cost option. In either case keep in mind that there can sometimes be unavoidable delays (due to holiday season and other circumstances) and once your product is shipped, we cannot be held responsible for USPS delays.

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